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International Dossier

Prevent your company against risks through automated search of several international sources. Get structured reports for your investigations.

More than 500 companies trust the upLexis application!

Dossiers are structured reports about an individual or legal entity, customized according to the sources used in the data search.

From the analysis of this data, it is possible to prevent possible risks involving people and companies.

The application optimizes compliance processes, due diligence, background check, monitoring, search for conflicts of interest, PLDFT (prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing), among others.

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Intuitive corporate links

Identify conflicts of interest, locate PEPs (Political Exposed People) and quickly gain access to the QSA (Corporate Framework) by viewing corporate trees containing individuals and legal entities.

Data Enrichment

Your data always up to date

Add information to an existing database and get results from over 200 available query sources.