Support your decisions with data to prevent risks

Our platform automates the collection of data from people and companies to optimize background check, due diligence, KYC and PLD-FT (Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) processes.

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Automate digital onboarding

Improve the experience when accepting customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

Lawsuits in courts

Locate terms and publications in Official Gazettes and Courts.

Criminal record

Validate data from people with whom your company relates.

Restrictive lists, sanctions & PEP (Political Exposed People)

Identify risks of image association and negative media.

Our functionality

Gain productivity in compliance and risk practices

Get all your investigation data at once and in one place. Leave manual work aside and dedicate yourself to strategic issues.


Reports for quick risk identification

Customize all search sources in a single application and receive results organized in a single document.


Intuitive corporate links

Identify conflicts of interest, locate PEPs (Political Exposed People) and quickly gain access to the QSA (Corporate Framework) by viewing corporate trees containing individuals and legal entities.

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We streamline analyzes so that your company remains in compliance with the regulations in your segment.