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Dossiers + upLink

Choice 3 apps

3 users

Complete training

Business hours support

Recommended for companies that have a lower volume of monthly consultations and do not need many users.


Dossiers + upLink

5 preference apps

10 users

Access via API

*2 free dossier analysis

For organizations having the most advanced digital transformation process and possess an average volume of lookups.


Access to all apps

Unlimited users

Access via API

Premium service

*2 free dossier analysis

Indicated for companies that make many lookups daily, need more resources available and specialized service.

*Dossier analysis by upLexis is not cumulative and is only valid for the first 6 months.

If you are interested in more analytics, simply contact your account executive.

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Advantages of this plan:

Custom dossiers

Save up to 30% on every search

Ideal for low volume lookups

Understand the step by step until hiring

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