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Graphical interface of connections between people, companies and correlates

Graphical interface of relationships between people, companies and correlates

upLink, also known as the graphical business tree, is a powerful solution for graphically visualizing direct and indirect links between people, companies and complex economic groups.

Through the tool, it is possible to observe relationships between partners, legal representatives, relatives, neighbors and correlated ones, as well as to identify the final beneficiary, politically exposed people (PEP) and financial issues.

The generated graphic maps can also be printed and saved in file or image format.


Effective solution in the search for possible conflicts of interest

What problem do we solve?

In the corporate environment, the presence of conflicts of interest is something that concerns and can cause significant damage to the company in terms of credibility, integrity or reputation.

In this context, upLink appears as a solution capable of allowing the visualization and recognition of possible conflicting relationships, guaranteeing the organization’s prevention against possible risks.


How do we solve your problem?

The solution allows the person responsible for this investigation to have relevant information at hand, such as: the corporate structure of a company, individuals and legal entities related to an organization, full access to registration data, visualization via Google Maps and even a shortcut to the generation of a complete Dossier.

With these data delivered in an agile way, the decision-making process becomes much easier. Sources such as the IRS, SPC and Boa Vista ensure the veracity of the information provided by the application.


Improved Data Quality

The analytical reports provided by the solution are able to expand the enrichment capacity and value of the collected data.

Time Optimization

The automation of dull activities allows the company to invest its time in more strategic actions.

Cost Reduction

By automating and optimizing verification processes, the company is able to reduce the cost of several operations.

Loss and Fraud Prevention

Helps the company to visualize possible conflicting relationships.

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