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Monitor the Official Diaries of Justice throughout Brazil and receive personalized alerts


upJuris is an indispensable solution for any lawyer or legal department that constantly follows Official Diaries occurrences throughout the national territory, either through the name of the individual or legal entity, or any other free term, using advanced search technologies and data mining for automation and control, obtaining daily analytical reports and alerts by e-mail.

The upJuris solution also makes it possible to parameterize your research by federation unit or even by a sphere of justice. It is also possible to monitor and eliminate possible spelling errors common in the Official Diaries, minimizing false positives by building unlimited smart filters for each search term.

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Detailed and personalized report containing information and indicators from various data sources.

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Official diaries

Powerful search for terms in the Official Journals of Brazil.

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Database enrichment

Automatically update large amounts of information for individuals or business.

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