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A comprehensive background check with information about companies and people extracted from various trusted sources at speed

Complete and customized analytical reports according to the customer's needs

Dossiers are analytical and personalized reports about an individual or legal entity according to the type of information of interest. That is, the application allows you to select which sources will be used in the search for this data.

The solution is able to optimize activities that involve the analysis of data of the public of interest, bringing agility and assertiveness to processes of: compliance, due diligence, background check, third party checking, monitoring, search for conflicts of interest and PLD (prevention of money laundry).

Helps companies get relevant information

What problem do we solve?

Nowadays, the high level of corruption, fraud, theft and other illegal acts, involving both individuals and companies, increasingly highlights the need to analyze, study and evaluate detailed information about all the relationships of a company.

How do we solve your problem?


Loss and Fraud Prevention

Helps the company to visualize possible conflicting relationships.

Cost Reduction

By automating and optimizing verification processes, the company is able to reduce the cost of several operations.

Improved Data Quality

The analytical reports provided by the solution are able to expand the enrichment capacity and value of the collected data.

Time Optimization

The automation of dull activities allows the company to invest its time in more strategic actions.

Other Apps


Graphical interface of relationships between people, companies and correlates.

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Business History

See the entire history of a company and its main events in the timeline on a single screen.

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Solution that crosses several data from individuals and companies to identify conflicts of interest.

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Corporate Comparator

Compare the current and past corporate structure of individuals and companies.

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