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Complete platform for you to make the best decision in the shortest time and with minimal risk

Improve your decision making process

upMiner is a platform designed to optimize activities that assist risk decision-making processes and make them faster and more assertive. Based on more than 1.900 national and international data sources, the solution generates analytical and customized reports, which can be focused on Due Diligence, Background Check, Third Party Checking, Auditing, among others.

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upMiner Applications

The upMiner platform has unique applications designed to process specific information that addresses real-world issues in Onboarding, Background Checks, Due Diligences, Meet Your Customer (KYC), Meet Your Supplier (KYS), Meet Your Employee (KYE) processes, Meet your Partner (KYP) and others.

Dossiers, Official Journals, ID validator, registration form, data enrichment capabilities, monitoring, upFlag, upMap, upLink, certificates, balance sheet, properties, upJuris, corporate comparator, upMatch, business history, vehicles.

Choose the best plan for you

upMiner was developed to help you make the best decisions quickly and safely with minimum risk, minimizing losses, and being ideal for investigative work. Thinking about serving companies of all sizes, upLexis offers monthly plans for different needs. Request your test right now.