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Property and Real State

Investigate assets of people and companies in an easy way

Property and Real Estate

In a scenario where being fully aware of the other party's possessions is extremely relevant, such as Compliance, our solution facilitates investigative aspects related to real estate and real estate.
Check equity, analyze conflicts of interest, all relevant financial, accounting and legal information can be found in our solution. Mitigate risk, access information easily, and make faster decisions with our real
estate solutions.

Applications that can help you


Detailed and personalized report containing information and indicators from various data sources.

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Balance sheet

See complete balance sheets of companies of interest published in Official Diaries.

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Consult the historical record of owners that a vehicle has already obtained, based on the license plate or chassis number.

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Choose the best plan for you

UpMiner was designed for you to make the best decisions with minimal risk, quickly and safely, minimizing the loss and turning it into the ideal platform for investigative work. Through the power of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing technologies.

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