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Intelligence and Prospection

Learn more about your consumer market, competitors, suppliers and stand out


Having the relevant information from your market is essential to your business development, from identifying and prospecting a new customer, hiring a new supplier, opening a new branch, etc.

This information is available from numerous sources, and consolidating this information becomes a much simpler process using market intelligence platforms.

Our platform uses Big Data technology to correlate diverse business, people and geolocation data bringing business intelligence to the Sales, Marketing and related areas.

Applications that can help you


Detailed and personalized report containing information and indicators from various data sources.

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Powerful Market Intelligence tool in which we can identify relevant company information.

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Simplified report containing registration data, financial issues and indicators for quick decision.

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Graphical interface of relationships between people, companies and correlates.

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Choose the best plan for you

UpMiner was designed for you to make the best decisions with minimal risk, quickly and safely, minimizing the loss and turning it into the ideal platform for investigative work. Through the power of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing technologies.

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