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In the Age of Digital Revolution, technological solutions emerge to modernize public services and change the interaction between government and citizens, ensuring improvement and transparency

Bring improvements and transparency to the public sector

According to studies by consultancy Accenture, it is estimated that a 1% advance in public sector digitization could generate an increase of 0.5% in the countries gross domestic product and almost 2% in foreign trade revenue.

upMiner is a technological tool that has the ability to automate numerous public sector activities and bring improvements to the government. Optimize your data collection and analysis processes, third party checks, conflicts of interest, risk management, and more, using a platform with more than 1.900 integrated sources.

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upMiner was developed to help you make the best decisions quickly and safely with minimum risk, minimizing losses, and being ideal for investigative work. Thinking about serving companies of all sizes, upLexis offers monthly plans for different needs. Request your test right now.