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Due Diligence

Boost your Investigations with Big Data Technologies


The due diligence process, also called prior due diligence, is basically an organized and extensive survey conducted to understand the financial, accounting, social security, labor, real estate, technology and legal aspects of a company of interest.

Our solutions are widely used to assist in gathering this information in merger, sale, spin-off or merger transactions. It is also employed to mitigate existing risks in operational processes, bringing more intelligence and relevant information to these



Detailed and personalized report containing information and indicators from various data sources.

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Graphical interface of relationships between people, companies and correlated.

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Corporate comparator

Compare the corporate structure of the present and the past of individuals and companies.

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Business history

See the entire history of a company and its main events in the timeline on a single screen.

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Choose the best plan for you

UpMiner was designed for you to make the best decisions with minimal risk, quickly and safely, minimizing the loss and turning it into the ideal platform for investigative work. Through the power of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing technologies.

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