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Database Enrichment Capabilities

Update big data simply, quickly and securely

Data Enrichment

In the information era, an outdated database can generate risk and great losses for its operation, especially regarding information from its customers.

Through our data enrichment solution it is possible to automatically update a large volume of data such as a list of companies or people, crossing them with public sources and credit bureaus.

Applications that can help you


Consult the historical record of owners that a vehicle has already obtained, based on the license plate or chassis number.

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Data enrichment

Automatically update large amounts of information from individuals or companies.

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ID validator

Check the veracity of an ID document and its information to avoid fraud.

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Registration form

Simplified report containing registration data, financial issues and indicators for quick decision.

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UpMiner was designed for you to make the best decisions with minimal risk, quickly and safely, minimizing the loss and turning it into the ideal platform for investigative work. Through the power of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing technologies.

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