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Become an upLexis partner, create value for your customers and gain access to exclusive benefits

upLexis Partner Program

We believe that business partnerships can bring great competitive advantage and countless benefits, through sharing experiences and expanding the consumer market.

By being part of the upLexis Partners Program, you will be able to provide a technological solution to your customers so that they optimize various processes and activities within the company, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.

This program is an innovative project, because in addition to expanding commercial and financial growth among the companies involved, it is capable of bringing innovation and a positive experience for the consumer with our tools.

How does the process work?

Partner categories

Personalized service
Customer Acquisition: Marketing and Sales
Paid sources and extra consultations, upMap / upMiner plans, stamp channel certification, monitoring Pipeline with consultant, support in sales and video conferencing for Channels
Development Training
Channel Kit, Technical Tool Training, periodic meeting with all channels through Webex and more effective training
Product roadmap access
Access to the content area for channels by website
Channel registration on the upLexis website
Blog Posts 1x a year 2x a year 3x a year
Triggering email marketing to our customer base 1x a year 2x a year 3x a year
upLexis Webinar 1x a year


Our partners

Our platform

upMiner was developed to optimize activities that assist in decision-making processes.

Using data mining and a database with more than 1.900 national and international sources, our platform brings legal, cadastral and financial information from customized analytical reports.”

Completely online and available by subscription, upMiner has plans to serve companies that have different needs.

Why become an upLexis partner?

We are data specialists by bringing public records to the web. With more than 15 years in the market, we have conquered several clients and successful cases, being a reference on this field of business.

With our solutions, it is possible to make a positive impact to your customers and optimize several processes such as: background check, due diligence, third party checking, credit recovery and market intelligence, all within a single platform.


Recurring revenue:

Generate recurring revenue through referral and the effective sale of contracts. Our bonus plan has rates above the market average and brings other advantages linked to the number of contracts closed by the partner.

Business value:

By offering our plans, you bring your client a market reference tool, with several features that will help to optimize processes and bring return on investment in a short term.

Exclusive benefits:

Access to solutions, exclusive service, co-marketing possibilities, continuous support from our commercial team, promotion at events, these are some of the advantages of being part of the upLexis partner plan.

Minimum requirements:

Have an active CNPJ

The cadastral situation must be up to date.

Have an active website

It is not allowed to use platforms with free hosting.

Good commercial structure

It is necessary for the partner to present an organized team and well-defined strategies.

Become a partner

Generate recurring revenue, open new business possibilities, expand the value of your company and have access to exclusive benefits as part of the upLexis partner program. Click below and contact us to learn more.

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