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Complement upMiner with these features


Required in several processes such as registration, supplier homologation and bidding, with this application it is possible to issue several certificates in one single environment, optimizing the search time for this information.

Balance Sheet

Need to know about the company's assets, liabilities and equity? Manage the balance sheet of publicly traded companies with CNPJ or Corporate Name in a few minutes.


UpSearch is an application that facilitates the identification of processes by searching terms in Official Diaries from all over Brazil. The solution has customized your visualization filters, brought more than 900 new consultation books and show a intuitive and modern layout.

Registration Form

Analytical report that can be used to search individuals and companies. In the result of this application, are presented the main information about the searched document. This is a great solution for decisions that require more speed and objectivity.

ID Validator

Application that verifies in real time the veracity of any identity document (ID) issued in the national territory. Perfect for those who are looking for immediate and objective results.

Business History

With this application it is possible to access and discover all the life history of national companies. The presentation in the app is dynamic and can be viewed in a chronological order.


It is a restrictive list that is integrated with the Dossiers, Registration Form and upLink - which aims to facilitate analysis by flagging documents of CPFs and CNPJs.

Data Enrichment

Platform that makes it possible to automatically update and nurture large volumes of data in custom lists that can be cross-referenced with public sources and credit bureaus.

Corporate Comparator

It is a solution that allows you to consult graphically, in timeline format, the entire corporate relationship of a company or individual. It is also used in the investigation of inactive societies, besides saving the data in hierarchical or analytical format.


Aimed at investigating relationships between employees and collaborators, partners and / or business partners, upMatch is a resource developed to identify possible conflicts of interest within your organization, based on the crossing of a large volume of data.


Checks the historical record of owners - whether individuals or legal entities - that a vehicle has already obtained from the license plate or chassis number. If you are looking for information regarding fleets, CNHs, fines, among others, this app is right for you.


This platform is able to emit documents related to real estate in several registry offices of Brazilian states from simple documents, such as CPF or CNPJ.


You have already generated your dossier, but is it important for you to follow up on people surveyed? For this purpose, the Dossier Monitoring was created, which makes it possible to program new dossier status in annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly and even weekly periods.


Our upMiner platform supports and enables connection to other industry software through API. The application makes communication and information exchange more fluid through easy access to service data and connection to a specific interface.