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How to make a background check with quality in 2020?

17 AUG 2020

17 AUG. 2020 / por Isadora Soliani

Background check, also known as record verification, is a method very used in compliance programs and it consists in a research, that might be simple or deep, of criminal, commercial and financial records.

To any company, relevant data is fundamental for making decision process, since hiring employees to commercial partnership.

Who have to do the background check?

Usually, the companies make a background check to ensure suitability of:

  • employees;
  • clients;
  • providers;
  • partners;
  • investors.

It is important to say that background check it is not only HR department practice, it can be useful to compliance, financial, legal and many other areas.

Background check technology

With the technology advance and the huge quantity of available data daily, it became almost a necessity to adopt these platforms or softwares to optimize process like this.

When you automate the background check, the companies notice that they could invest better the time in the data analyses stage.

The trustworthy and agility are features that promotes assertiveness to strategic decisions. These questions are reached when the company knows how to do the data analysis, using the acquire answers to comprehend and explore well all the scenarios.

UpMiner and background check

The upMiner is a platform developed by Uplexis to optimize activities that help the process of risk decision making.

Through more than 1900 sources of national and international database, the solution generates personalized and analytic report, that can be used in practices like due diligence, background check, third party checking, audit and many others.

The most indicate application to background check in Brazil

The dossiers app is capable to bring the most possible complete report, only through CPF or the person’s name. For entities you can search for CNPJ.

Another interesting characteristic is that is possible to personalize the dossier according to your needed information. So, it means that you select your interest sources and it brings you the data.

Some source examples are: 

-Boa Vista;
-SPC Serasa;
-Federal Police;
-Dow Jones International;

There is also a possibility to add all available sources in the system, enduring the maximum data about the person or entity that is being checked.

We consider this app as one of the most used in this practice, because it offers an immense data volume in an easy way, almost in real time, to the manager be able to do the most complete possible analysis.

As a complement, we decided to make available a content about data analysis impact in companies. Don’t forget to check it out.