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23 MAR 2020

23 MAR. 2020 / por Marketing

The search for improvements and getting ahead in the market is the desire of most companies that are willing to be competitive today, and the hot topic is about digital transformation.

Technology changes regularly and fast-paced, so it is essential that you stay tuned for all novelties and trends. 

Here are some highlights of a few trends:

Big data

It is the set of data captured from the network, mostly used for strategy, planning, and field market activities. With it, it is possible to analyze the scenario and the development of the company, anticipate those dreaded errors, and improve business management even in a B2B marketplace, for example.

One of the main challenges here is to get relevant outputs out of an enormous amount of information coming from various sources and types, like text, numeric, images, videos, and audios. For that, the use of the software is essential as it will extract and organize more rapidly. 

But it’s not just all about the computer. The so-called Professional 4.0 should be able to develop more analytical skills to improve the decision-making process, and that involves getting knowledge on which kind of platforms are available, at least basic understanding of data science and agile methodologies.

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Marketing Automation

It is clear that technology is increasingly helping several areas, and marketing is no different, as it helps to optimize processes, improve results, and engage with consumers, among many other things.

With automation, it is also possible to reach a considerable target group, but more importantly, to address particular messages to different segments, turning your efforts and investments much more efficient.

It sounds great, but also requires expertise from marketing professionals and digital agencies and again, new tools and “Martech” solutions.  


Customer Experience (or CX), is also a hot topic, as people nowadays want to share their good or bad experiences online, hence the power of Word of Mouth has never been so high.

So, learn to interact better with customers. Answer all good and bad experiences, worry about maintaining excellent communication, even by email, be more personal, adopt a “human-first” approach.


Using the form of online chat to chat with customers was one of the great revolutions of marketing.

Through this tool, it is possible to attract the lead’s attention, listen to complaints and suggestions, solve doubts and potential problems, in addition to showing agility in service.

We can also highlight the chatbot that is on the rise, offering a humanized conversation with customers as in the b2b portal, for example.

Voice interaction

Voice control is growing in many areas mainly because of artificial intelligence, such as in searches using the voice through the famous “Ok, Google,” for example, or by digital assistants.

These digital assistants are present in several electronic items to help those who use them, such as cell phones, electricity, air conditioning, among others.

So much more 

Smart cities, Driverless cars, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, drones, Blockchain – there is a long list of trends that are just there, some of which already established as part of our daily lives, some others still being developed.   

Stay tuned on what is more relevant to you or your company. Otherwise, you might be overwhelmed. Work on building your own trends’ list!

We hope you find this content useful, and we will be delighted if you keep following with us.

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Our mission is to provide intelligence for operations a business where relevant information plays a critical role in the exercise of decision-making, in obtaining competitive advantage and improving organizational efficiency.

We bring together talented and skilled professionals for the production of software technology applied to the acquisition, organization, storage and access to information, having some patents in the area.