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About us

Know our history, what motivates us and our timeline

Who are we?

15 years ago, upLexis emerged with the aim of bringing more ethics and transparency to the market, through the creation of a data mining solution. 

We are specialists in making public data available on the web to optimize compliance, due diligence, third party checking, background check and market intelligence processes.

At the moment, we are about 120 upLovers working to meet the needs of our customers in an innovative and assertive way. And, for that to happen, we create a welcoming, relaxed and free speech environment.

The voice of the CEO


Bring intelligence and insights to our customers to make better data-based decisions, as well as contribute directly to reducing fraud and corruption in countries.


To be globally recognized for excellence in acquiring relevant information for the best experience of our customers in decision making.


Our values ​​are linked to ethics, transparency and commitment to the excellence of our services.


We think about the common good of society, so we develop transparency solutions for the market.

Focused on customers

All of our energies are focused on making it possible to meet the needs of our customers.


We combine skills, knowledge and people, this makes us innovative.


We believe in the power of collaborative work and trust as a path to success.

Social Responsability

Pro Bono Project: we seek to make upMiner available to ONG’s to ensure the suitability and transparency of their donations.

Examples of sustainable initiatives in upLexis: we do not use disposable cups, each employee receives his own sustainable and personalized cup. 

We carry out selective collection in order to encourage employees to make conscious consumption.